Deeper and deeper

He smiled, gave me a deep deep kiss and pushed his cock deeper and harder into me until he reached the end. He started to get faster and pushed in harder and ever
deeper into me. He took my legs on his shoulders and his breath became firmer and faster. Oh what a wonderful feeling I just thought and I let myself fall under his body. I reached for his butt and clawed me with his fingernails into his flesh. I felt that it would not be long before I came. I moved my hips to the rhythm of his bumps to feel him even more intensely. We were one!

He stood before me with his wonderful cock in his hand and began to satisfy himself before me. A few drops of his delicious sperm glittered on his cock. I wanted to taste it and gave it a sign to come closer. I straightened up and had my head exactly in the height of his excited tail. I licked the drops from his cock and took the glans gently between my lips. I sucked in, twice, and let him go again. Then I took it again in my mouth, this time deeper and enclosed it with my mouth. My tongue circled his glans and I felt like he was excited. He would come if I did not leave him, so I left him and asked him to touch me.