Sex Stories

On the highway

After the breakfast, I looked out the window and I thought about making a little trip. I put on something, grabbed some clothes together and drove with the car direction nowhere. At a resting place I stopped to test the sanitary facilities. As I ran back to the car came a car at a very fast pace. I jumped to the side else I would have stuck at the mirror.

The car stopped and there were 2 older, well-groomed ladies to ask for my good. I joked and said that I am not very well. We talked for a while and I said you had to do something good. Both agreed and asked me how this might look. After some brief reflections, we became very hot on each other. There were some hidden corners at the Rasthof. One of the two had her nipples flashing. When we felt unobserved, we went straight to the point. After a while I noticed that they were a good team.

One of them kissed me passionately while the other one was on my pants. She opened her pants and began to blow violently . When I was very excited she got up turned around and pushes the Luststab from behind on in. After a moment, she said, “Ups, that’s the back entrance.” The other man now went into the full. After a short scramble took the other and sucked the tail further.

The two kissed and moaned very loudly but apparently no one disturbed. After that I could not go on and sprayed. Both wanted the fresh, juice lick. The next round was in round 2.

They both stood with their backs to me and pushed their panties to the side . I had a nice look again. After a few minutes, my friend stood up again. I pushed him very deeply into the driver. The other made itself in time. Then she took my stiff friend and pushed into her and said she was the turn. She pushed a few times and was also very loud. Then she stopped and began to twitch. Her body vibrated with pleasure. Now I knew she had come.

But as I wanted to donate some joy, I am happy again with the driver. She knelt in front of me and was already waiting for me. With a few hands she came back into the car. I alternated between their inputs and watched as the face screwed up, and it also needed. As a final, I sprayed both of her breasts.

Anal Fuck

I have just experienced my first anal fuck . I admit it was totally tingling. An older guy has deflowered me anal. And that was good, because he understood something about his business. Most older guys are driving me.

I am 18 years old, blond, petite, have small tits, a tight ass and a well-groomed pussy . I got to know my engraver at the festival. Just as he looked, I knew right away that it was pressing. We immediately went to his apartment and fell in his bed.

First he licked my shaved tight pussy , hhmmm was the cool. With his tongue, he skilfully passed over my bulging Venuslippen and then penetrated into the narrow hole. Wow, he has made me totally sharp, since it has come to me smoothly.
The guy was simply experienced, not as immature as any guys. To make his tight cock even harder, I then spoiled him a bit orally. Sure, that I have not left his eggs, he has really enjoyed it and totally groaned. But then he just wanted to get into my little tight asshole . He had made my rosette with a lot of lubricant. “Relax baby,

As if to reassure me, he hit me with light strokes on my crispy apple. I was totally aroused, and immediately felt the unmistakable tingling sensation in my loins. He wanted me to poppen me now in my narrow asshole , made me even sharper. “Come, give me your beating,” I muttered, totally beside the track, and I was horny at my own dirty talk. “Slowly with the young horses,” he whispered in my ear and penetrated as if in slow motion.

Wow, it was a megad, it ached a little, but slowly I got used to this extreme stretching. Breathe deeply in and out and relax, as he had told me. “Boah, how nice your tight hole is,” he groaned angrily in my ear and began to pound more rhythmically and tightly. He twirled my small pointed nipples, which looked like sugared strawberries. He came megageil, pressed his cum into my hole and screamed out his orgasm.